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Hey there!

I am glad that you found my site.
COCO•CINO is a daily updated blog about fashion, beauty, food, home & living and personal growth.  The entire focus of this blog is to give you inspirations to make the most of every single day, be happy and to help you to  live your best life.

This blog is a project of my heart. I always wanted to have my own little blogazine where I can share my inspirations, my knowledge or recipes with others. Unfortunately, I just haven’t had the time yet to deal with it in more depth. As you can see, that has changed now.

On COCO•CINO there will be a variety of different topics, because I want to post what I am interested in and what I like to deal with. But my focus will definitely be on the lifestyle area: Fashion, food, health & fitness and home & living. And when I’m traveling, I’ll also do something about traveling.

Here is a short note on the individual topics:

Health & Fitness:

2 years ago I completely changed my lifestyle. I started to do sport regularly, to eat more consciously and healthily and to learn more about the individual body processes. I have spent a lot of time and effort on the subject of nutrition and have tested different forms of diets to find out about their advantages and disadvantages. I have also tried out different forms of training to test the effects on the body. Now I want to share this knowledge to help others to implement a more conscious lifestyle.


I love food, which is why my boyfriend and I try out many restaurants and cook a lot at home. These recipes will be found on the blog bit by bit. We put a lot of emphasis on healthy, natural and high quality ingredients, because they are much better for our body and our general well-being. My friend prefers all hearty recipes. I love sweets, which is why I prefer healthy desserts and cakes. I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as we do.


I love fashion and the many possible combinations. But even here it is important for me to buy consciously and only what I really need.To give you some inspiration, I will show you some nice looks and my selected favourites, which might become your new favourite pieces too.

Home & Living:

Since the topics “living” and “furnishing” are becoming more and more important, I would like to give you some inspiration in this area as well. I would like to help you to transform your 4 walls into your own personal oasis of well-being.

Career & Personal Growth:

I have worked in project management and am very familiar with effective work and organisation. But I also had problems finding my way, setting myself concrete goals and working hard to achieve them. Now that I have found my way, I would like to share my knowledge here too. I would like to give you tips on how you can find your way, how to motivate yourself, how to build up routines or how to work more effectively. I will also take up the topic of blogging and show you other ways to make money online.

All in all, with this blog I want to make my readers’ lives a little more beautiful and valuable. I hope you like it here and that I can help you, for example, to eat more consciously, to furnish your home more beautifully, to find a nice new piece of clothing or to develop yourself personally.
The products on this blog I have tested myself or are things that I like and would like to share with others.

Besides me, also other people will share articles on interesting topics to give even more new knowledge and inspiration.

But now…Have fun browsing! 🙂