The 11 Best Tips for more Motivation

Every change that we wish for or need to make costs us energy. We are thrown out of our usual tracks, are looking for orientation and an anchor that we can stick to. Furthermore, we also have to get into the implementation. Therefore, you need an inner will and a strong mindset, that is responsible for your attitude towards your desired results and decision-making ability. Your mindset determines how you interpret and respond to different occasions.

But how can you develop that mindset?

A powerful mindset requires clear target images. These Goals are essential in life – whether personal or professional. They motivate us to do something that we want to do, for example, to take the next step in our career.

But who can´t relate to it? You are powerless, you don´t get going, and you don´t reach the goals you have. And with this many people feel the same way.

Are you willing to change this? If yes, I´ll help you to get more motivation to achieve your goals.

I have the 11 best tips for more motivation, energy and self-confidence for you!


1. Set concrete Goals!

Why do you want to achieve something? That is the most important question. After all, we don´t have to motivate ourselves if we don´t have any plans and don´t want to achieve anything. Then we could just continue with our usual routine and stay lazy.

So, it´s very important to ask yourself what you want more motivation for.

  • What are your goals?
  • What do you want to achieve specifically?
  • Why do you want to achieve these goals?
  • What happens if you don´t accomplish them?
  • How should the result look like exactly?

Therefore, have a specific goal your mindset is directed to and formulate them as clearly as possible. 

There are different methods to set clear goals. One approach is the SMART method that helps you to define your goals in a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound way — thus achieving them becomes more efficiently & effectively. Write them down that you can implement them realistically. If you would like to learn more about goal setting and how to use the SMART method exactly, read the article: The Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting: Find, Set and Achieve your Goals

Once the goals are set, the motivation should already increase enormously. 

So, remember: If you don´t have any goals, you´re wandering around with no sense of direction. But if you know what you want, you at least have a path. 

2. Milestones for more Motivation

We are often overwhelmed by big goals and projects because everything just seems too much for us. How am I supposed to do all this? It´s way too much to think about. These are often thoughts that come to our mind in such situations. But there is a solution.

By defining individual milestones, you can divide your goals and projects into smaller pieces. Due to these small units, it doesn´t seem that much anymore. You can work on specific things and thus have the feeling that you have achieved something. As a result, the big chunk gradually wears off until you have reached your goal.

For example: 

If today, as an untrained person, you decide to run a marathon, these 42 km are infinitely far away. You can barely reach the target. But small goals, such as a 5, 10, 15, 21 km run, will help you to achieve the big goal and build up mental strength. Reaching these smaller stages is motivating. And with every milestone you accomplish, you feel that the marathon is becoming more realistic and that you can achieve your big goal.
So remember: For more motivation, it is crucial to divide your projects into well-consumable steps. That will make the achievement of the overall goal more realistic. Besides, you will gain great experience along the way and thereby strengthen your self-confidence.

3. Visualize your Goal

What exactly should your goal look like? Do you have a picture in mind? Athletes, for example, early learn to visualize their goal to see every day what it is like to achieve it. And this also applies to the sub-goals. 

You can visualize your goals on a vision board by using pictures that you find in magazines or on the internet, or write your goals down in your daily journal and anchor them with images. 

An excellent way to do this is to get you a bullet journal if you don´t already have one. That will help you to write down and visualize jour goals and thus sticking to them. I found this journal which is a bit cheaper than the cult-favourite Leuchtturm1917. You can easily buy it on Amazon. If you´re just starting on bullet journaling, then don´t use overpriced books and markers. You can simply use normal pens for writing and colourful markers for decorating.
The following tools are the ones I use and are great to start your journey:

  1. This simple black bullet journal.
  2. A black pen for writing in the diary. If you are good in lettering, you can additionally get yourself a set of pens in different strengths.
  3. Colourful markers for decorating.
  4. Stencils to decorate and design the journal.

4. Set the right Time Horizon

Now, that you´ve already seen that you need to define your goals, split them into smaller units and visualize them, you next need to set your time horizon. 

Because: You overestimate how much you can change and create in one year, but you underestimate what is possible in ten years. 

So, it is important to stagger the time properly. Therefore, define your goals as follows:

  • Short-term goals: Goals you want to achieve within a year
  • Medium-term goals: Goals you want to achieve within the next 1-5 years
  • Long-term goals: Goals that you definitely want to achieve at some point. These may also be exaggerated and seem impossible to reach. But precisely these goals are forcing you to evolve and letting appear obstacles smaller.

5. Focus

Stay focused! People who focus on a goal are more likely to achieve that goal. If you set too many goals, you´ll lose your focus because you have to divide your energy and will lose the concentration on achieving your main goal. 

You´re mentally strong when you focus.
Therefore: Avoid distractions wherever you can!

6. Think positive & Create a positive Surrounding!

The power of thoughts is unimaginable! Negative thoughts can unbelievably slow us down, and positive thoughts can catapult us enormously forward. It has been proven that the brain can´t distinguish between appearance and reality. If you tell yourself every day, for 20 years, how stupid you are, then you believe that. If you tell yourself every day that you can achieve your goal, then it will also work positively. That´s working!

In addition to your positive attitude, you should also pay attention to a positive environment, because “you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with every day.” – Jim Rohn. And it´s true! Experts also confirm the enormous motivating effect of a positive surrounding!

Therefore: Create an inspiring surrounding! Surround yourself with like-minded people that have similar goals as you or have already made it. That allows you to exchange ideas in a wide range of topics and will help you to stay focused. You can optimally develop further, and you will be supported.

7. Habits

Habits determine whether you are successful in the long term or not. So, start by implementing the right habits, which means living healthy, putting aside time-consuming and unimportant things, and surround yourself with the right people. In addition to that has a good morning routine, a significant influence on your mindset. Many successful people swear on starting the day as fit and as successful as possible. If you use the early morning hours for sport, reading or proper nutrition, you will feel better throughout the day and will have more success in the long-term. Therefore, habits and routines are essential. If you implement them correctly, you will have more motivation and build up a strong self-confidence. 


8. Nutrition and Sleep

These two points are enormously underestimated and more important than you may think. Many people wonder when they are lacking in energy or feeling weak and sluggish. But: If you only consume fast food and alcohol and don´t sleep properly, you are simply not fit. That is not about permanent renunciation and nine hours of sleep daily. It´s about paying attention to your body, eating a reasonably healthy diet and finding the optimal rest for yourself. 

The important thing is to listen to yourself and your body. Don´t underestimate it!

9. Get out of your Comfort Zone

A true saying is: “Any further development only happens outside of your comfort zone.” Only if you face new challenges and gather new experiences, you will grow through it and will consistently come closer to your goal. It will help you to make positive experiences and let you grow mentally, even in new situations.

10. Stay flexible

What happens if you get off of the home stretch? When you realize that your plan doesn´t work out and you can´t achieve your goals? That’s right! You adjust your goals! Maybe that means that you have to re-align your path. But the way is the goal. That requires flexibility in your thinking and acting!

11. Reward yourself for your Achievements!

Reward yourself every moment you have achieved a partial or total goal. Enjoy this moment to which you have directed all your actions. Make yourself aware of this moment and anchor it. It will give you energy, as you can proudly look back on it. 

With these 11 approaches, you will achieve your goals of being wealthier, more motivated, more confident, healthier and happier. 

Make yourself clear what you can do if you believe in it and if you commit yourself to constantly work hard to achieve your goals. You can do it. Believe in you!


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