The way to success is neither easy nor relaxed. It is exciting, varied, demanding, lonely, challenging and incredibly enriching. The decision to fight for success requires perseverance and the right mindset. And for the right mindset you just need my 15 mindset tips.

Mindset means your way of thinking, your inner attitude. That includes your habits, beliefs, passions and orientation. Your mindset is essential because your success in life depends upon it. It is even more important than your skills and competencies.

Mindset Types

There are 2 types of mindsets: the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.

People with a fixed mindset assume that abilities are part of our personality and that we are already born with a talent for something. When faced with difficulties, they give up more quickly, often blame others or slip into negative thought.

People with a growth mindset believe that you can learn and develop skills by trying, learning and practising. They are rather positive about challenges, try out different approaches and solutions, are less discouraged and see mistakes as an opportunity for improvement. 

Successful people have a positive mindset, a growth mindset! They find that limits only exist in our minds and are continually developing and improving their skills. A positive mindset is not only the key to success but also to a happier life because you see challenges positively, don´t let unplanned events unsettle you or cause you to feel sorry for yourself. The good news for all those who get stuck in a negative mindset from time to time is: You can change your mindset!

In this article, you´ll find 15 mindset tips that will immediately help you to think more positively and become more successful.


That is how you improve your mindset immediately:

1. Know your Why.

Your why and your vision are your inner motivator. They drive you and show you the way. If your why and vision are strong enough, you are not only motivated to bring yourself into the world, but you are also willing to persevere, overcome fears and learn from mistakes. 

2. Have a Vision.

Visualize your why and goals on a vision board. It is easier to achieve your goals or make dreams come true when we see them in front of us. Then they are more binding and prominent. Look at your vision board daily and consciously take time for your goals and dreams.

If you don’t know how to create a vision board, you can find my instructions here.

3. Think Big.

Only those who think big achieve great things. Consider things possible that others see as impossible. 

4. Set Goals that Matches You.

Know and follow your goals and not the goals of others. If goals are set by someone else, then you are less motivated to achieve them. Your own goals will have a very different meaning to you. They come from within and motivate you to follow your path.

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5. Do What You Love.

To be successful in the long term and with joy, it is essential that you can identify yourself with your job. You should do what you love and find a job that suits you, your strengths and passions. If you do so, it will be easier to master not only the beautiful days but also the challenging ones. And most importantly, you´ll be fully committed to your goals. Even if you don´t love every part of your journey, it makes a huge difference when you can fully identify yourself with your goals.


6. Be Brave & Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Achieve your goals courageously and don´t just talk about them. If you want to succeed, it is important to be brave. It needs the effort to do things for the first time – especially when they are outside of your comfort zone. A true saying is: “Any further development only happens outside of your comfort zone.” That applies to personal and professional development. For your growth, however, you must do these things. Only if you face new challenges and gather new experiences, you will grow through it and will consistently come closer to your goal. So, the only thing that matter is that every courageous step is a success and makes you even more fearless. Thereby a strong attitude will help you also to make positive experiences and to grow mentally even in new situations.

7. Take Challenges & Risks.

There are no guarantees in life – not in personal nor in professional life. Challenges are part of it. The road to success is a permanent up and down and a roller coaster of emotions. Be aware of this and take on challenges as they help you to develop further. It´s similar with the risks. Take risks; otherwise, you will only step on one spot and not move forward. 

8. Think Positive & Believe in You.

Everything depends on your inner attitude. A negative mindset will prevent you from succeeding, and a positive attitude will promote your success. If you believe in yourself, you will achieve your goals.

The power of thoughts is unimaginable! Negative thoughts can unbelievably slow us down, and positive thoughts can catapult us enormously forward. It has been proven that the brain can´t distinguish between appearance and reality. If you tell yourself every day, for 20 years, how stupid you are, then you believe that. If you tell yourself every day that you can achieve your goal, then it will also work positively. That´s working!

If you find it hard to think positively, then here I have 11 tips for you on how to improve your motivation, energy and self-confidence through a strong mindset.

9. Get Started, before You feel 100% ready.

Our perfectionism and the feeling of not being good enough prevents us from taking the next step. Only when you get started, you can find your way and improve yourself. You will learn and grow through mistakes and feedback. 

10. Invest in Your Personal Growth.

You don´t have to do everything by yourself. Investing in yourself pays off. Developing a supportive mindset means that we are concerned with personal development – This is where success comes from. So, never stop learning! 

In addition to investing in your personal development, you should get support from other experts, coaches and consultants. They take you faster forward because you benefit from their experience and skills.

11. Connect with the Right People.

Pay attention to a positive environment, because “you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with every day.” – Jim Rohn. And it´s true! Experts also confirm the enormous motivating effect of a positive surrounding!

Therefore: Create an inspiring surrounding! Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people that have similar goals as you or have already made it. That allows you to exchange ideas in a wide range of topics and will help you to stay focused. You can optimally develop further, get inspired and motivated, and you will be supported.

12. Succeed Together.

Rely on cooperations, collaborations, networks and communities to achieve your goals. As soon as you want success for others, you too will succeed. Together you are strong; alone you go down.


13. Look Back & Check Your Status Quo.

Take time to reflect- daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Look back at what you´ve already accomplished. Write it down so you won´t forget it, and you will always be aware of your progress and success. 

14. Stay Flexible.

What happens if you get off of the home stretch? When you realize that your plan doesn´t work out and you can´t achieve your goals? That’s right! You adjust your goals! Maybe that means that you have to re-align your path. But the way is the goal. That requires flexibility in your thinking and acting!

15. Be Thankful & Reward yourself for your Achievements.

Choose abundance instead of lack. There is enough for everyone. Live in gratitude!

If you only see what you´re missing, you´re not going to succeed. Negativity prevents you from personal and professional growth. Stop complaining, annoying and whining. Be grateful instead for what you´ve already achieved.

And reward yourself every moment you have achieved a partial or total goal. Enjoy this moment for which you have aligned all your actions. Make yourself aware of this moment and anchor it. It will also give you energy afterwards, as you can proudly look back on it. 

My Recommendation:

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With the help of this journal you will overcome stress and negativity due to daily mindfulness & gratitude practices.

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I hope my 15 mindset tips could give you an impulse on how to build a positive and strong mindset.

I am interested in your opinion on this topic. Feel free to write me in the comments.


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