Are you looking for the ultimate productivity planner, but haven’t found the right one yet? Then you’ve come to the right place because I’ve browsed the internet to find 5+ productivity planner for you that are not only useful but also really beautiful.

With these planners, you will be able to define your goals as well as capture and prioritise your to do’s better. It will help you to improve your habits and establish routines to work more productive, focused, and effective on your goals.

As productivity planners become more and more popular, the number of different models is overwhelmed. Therefore, I have listed the different planners below and pointed out the respective advantages and disadvantages.

I’m sure: You will definitely find what you are looking for!

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The Inspired Stories | Inspirational Lifestyle Diary & Weekly Planner

The Inspired Stories offers different diaries that are all beautiful. After taking a closer look at their products, my favourites for better planning and scheduling are the Lifestyle Diary and the Weekly Planner. But both of them offer different features, based on which you have to decide which planner suits you best. 

Here are the differences:

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The weekly planner will help you to stay organised and to manage your time wisely. It is great for long-term planning, achieving bigger goals and coordinating overall tasks to stay on track and focused over a longer time. The planner has no separate page for each day, but instead, a 7 am – 7 pm schedule with 30-minute increments that gives you space to assign time blocks, schedule meetings and appointments or plan your day and to-dos by giving yourself allocated time slots.

The planner has a soft faux leather flexible cover with gold foil details on it, a bookmark ribbon and an elastic closure band. A pocket in the back gives space for additional papers. The planner has a weekly spread layout, which makes long-term planning easier. The 6-month undated weekly design allows you to start using it any time of the year and to make detailed plans for the upcoming months. 


  • The planner has an organised structure and beautiful design.
  • It has enough space for notes and to-dos.
  • Its thin design allows you to take the light planner everywhere you go.
  • You can give it a personal touch through personalisation.
  • Different colours are available.


  • The planner is not optimal as a daily planner, for capturing your detailed daily to do’s and writing down your daily notes. The existing space is just too small.
  • The time frame covers just 6 months instead of a full year.

All in all, will this planner with its beautiful luxuriously soft flex cover and practical carefully designed structure make the perfect companion for any planner-lover.


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This planner claims to “create your own story with the “One day at a time” lifestyle planner. So, here you go!

In contrast to the weekly planner, the lifestyle planner is more detailed for your daily planning, habit tracking and reflecting. This undated planner was designed to help you make the most of each day and prioritise your tasks.

You can break down your goals into actionable steps and keep track of them monthly, weekly and daily. The reflection on your journey will help you to become more aware of your progress and your habit patterns, so you can then adjust them and lead a more fulfilled and joyous life, focusing on things that truly matter to you.

The planner has a durable fabric cover with gold foil details on it and a bookmark ribbon. With its day-per-page layout, it is excellent for detailed planning and therefore, your everyday agenda for 16 weeks.

Structure of the planner:

  • Goal setting: Set your goals for the next 4 months and track new habits that will help you achieve these goals step by step.
  • Prioritising: Live each day with intention and purpose, focusing on what matters to you most.
  • Review: Reflect on and celebrate the positives in each day.
  • Inspiration: Get excited for the weeks ahead by writing down all the things you wish to accomplish and the things you’re looking forward to.
  • Gratitude: Appreciate the wins and happy moments in your life.
  • To-Do’s: Keep your projects & to-do’s on track and reflect on your progress.
  • Reflect & Plan: At the end of 4 months, reflect on your progress and plan ahead with determination and clarity


  • It has an organised structure and beautiful design.
  • It has enough space for notes and to-dos.
  • The planner is great for your daily planning and habit tracking and helps you to stay focused.
  • Its thin design allows you to take the light planner everywhere you go.
  • You can give it a personal touch through personalisation.
  • Different colours are available.


  • The time frame covers just 4 months instead of half a year or a full year.
  • It has no elastic closure band.

If you need a daily planner for all your to do’s, then you should rather go for the lifestyle than for the weekly planner. 


Make your planner stand out by customising the weekly as well as the lifestyle planner with your initials! You can select up to five uppercase letters to be monogrammed on the cover.

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Are you looking for help to assess your goals and follow through with them? The Daily Goal Setter planner has been designed to help you get clear on what you want to achieve and what steps are needed to help you. The Daily Goal Setter works as both a gratitude journal and a productivity planner – you’ll prioritise your daily tasks while also practising gratitude and affirmations.

The Daily Goal Setter will motivate, inspire and help you to become more mindful and structured. It is simple and elegant and will not distract you through playful designs, different colours and additional stickers. Its main goal is to keep you focused. 

The planner has a faux leather softback cover, two ribbon dividers, a document holder and an elastic fastening.


  • 12 monthly planning grids
  • Long, medium and short-term goal planning
  • Monthly, weekly and daily view
  • 2020 / 2021 Year to view Calendar
  • Undated pages
  • 18 lined note pages
  • 6 dotted note pages


  • The daily pages give you space for gratitude items, affirmations, to-do lists, appointments, and a great thing that happened each day. There is enough space to write all your thoughts down.
  • The planner is undated, so you can start using it at any time of the year.
  • The planner has a thoughtful design for use. Its simple structure keeps you focused and doesn’t distract you through other playful details. 
  • The planner is perfect for entrepreneurs and freelancer that want to work quick and efficient.
  • It is undated so that you can start at any point of the year.


  • For people who love vision boards and bullet journals, this planner might be too simple. 
  • Its time frame covers just 6 months instead of 1 year.


Mal Paper want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase and wish to return it, you may do so within 30 days of the date that you received your order. 


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If you are looking for a beautiful planner that will stand out from the rest and help you stay organised and achieve every goal you’ve set, you should take a closer look at Legend Planner Weekly. This planner is designed to not only assist you with reaching your goals but rather to turn your dreams into reality.

The Legend Planner is based on advanced and proven goal-setting techniques. It will help you discover motivation, prioritise to-dos and tasks, achieve work-life balance and, most importantly, crush your long- and short-term goals effectively. It will help you to keep track of appointments and day-to-day tasks and will keep you motivated, energised, positive and much more!

To make planning experience enchanting inside and out, the Legend Planner comes with a mesmerising hardcover with an engraved artwork, a pen holder, elastic band, beautiful planner stickers, a sturdy pocket for notes and receipts and is available in different colours. By design 12 months run in bulk and are separated from 52 weeks.

Section of the planner:

  • Dreams & Life Goals: Write down all of your dreams and form your most important goals for each area of life.
  • 1-Year Goals: Set 1-Year goals – Life goals take time to achieve, yet 1-Year goals are much more attainable.
  • 3-Month Goals & Tactics: Narrow your yearly goals into quarterly goals and develop your goal-reaching strategy.
  • Monthly View: Mark appointments and events on the spacious calendar view. Set your most important monthly goals.
  • Monthly Reflection: Reflect on your monthly progress, draw conclusions and strive for improvement.
  • Weekly View: Track all of your appointments, set your main goal, write down personal & to-do lists.
  • Habit tracker To adopt good habits.
  • Dot-grid space For note-taking.


  • The planner includes a lot of different functions to help you to make the most of your life.
  • Perfect for people who are looking for a long-term and goal setting planner and who love bullet journals.
  • Beautiful planner stickers to make your planner more personal.
  • The planner comes in multiple different colours.
  • 3 colourful bookmarks help to flip between weekly and monthly spreads.
  • Legend planner comes undated – you can start using it at any time of the year without wasting a page.
  • Its compact size and lightweight design enable you to use it on the go.


  • A lot is going on inside. Therefore, the planner is nothing for people who love simplicity and need a planner to work more efficiently.
  • The planner is more a life planner than a useful daily planner. If you need a planner for note-taking and scheduling, this one is not the right choice for you. There is just too much going on in this planner that will distract you from being effective.
  • The planner is small in size and nothing for people with large handwriting.

Legend Planner offers not only the Weekly Planner but also a Daily Planner, Weekly Planner Pro and Budget Planner. If you prefer to have everything from one hand, then you should also take a look at the other products.

Here are the differences:

  • Legend Planner Weekly:
    For anyone on the run, who likes to be organised. Compact design and weekly reflection layouts will help you to stay on top of your weeks. This planner is created to help you turn your dreams into reality by using proven goal-setting techniques.

  • Legend Planner Daily:
    Perfect for achieving quarterly goals and those with overwhelming hourly schedules. This light and compact planner takes the stress out of even the busiest daily routines and allows you to reach your goals while maintaining work-life balance.

  • Legend Planner Weekly PRO:
    Perfect for achieving quarterly goals and those with an overwhelming hourly schedule. This light and compact planner takes the stress out of even the busiest daily routines and allows you to reach your goals while maintaining work-life balance.

  • Legend Budget Planner:
    Tracking expenses and reaching financial goals. Legend Budget planner helps you set and achieve financial goals, keep track of regular bills, get rid of debt and start saving. Perfect for creating a budget and staying on track with it.

These facts are what Legend Planner is all about. Designed to be uncluttered and easy to use, it will allow you to envision what you want, and provide you with the organisation, focus and motivation to achieve whatever you set out to do. Take a step towards making your dreams come true today by giving this planner a try.

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You’re about to take an important step towards living a more productive and fulfilling life.

Clever Fox is confident that this could be the planner to not only help you organise and improve your life, but it’ll reduce stress, and give you the sense of empowerment and proactive control you need to lead a life of success every day! The Clever Fox planner will help you reach your goals much faster and more efficiently.

The planner helps you to:

  • Set quarterly goals in the most important aspects of your life.
  • Break down your goals into milestones and then into daily action steps.
  • Stay committed, focused and motivated.
  • Review and adjust your approach so that you can boost your productivity until you achieve your goals.

This planner and organiser for women and men come with a vegan leather hardcover, a pen holder, a detailed step-by-step illustrated user guide for a quick start, 6 sheets of colourful planner stickers and in a premium gift box packaging. It comes undated. By design, all 12 months run in bulk and are separated from 54 weekly spreads, use 3 bookmarks to flip between weekly and monthly spreads.

Section of the planner:

  1. Your Life’s Vision
  2. Your Mission Statement
  3. Gratitude & Affirmation
  4. Passion, Habits & Skills
  5. Vision Board
  6. Goal-Setting Pages
  7. 3-Month Goals
  8. Monthly Reviews
  9. Weekly Pages
  10. Notes


  • The planner is great for tracking and achieving long-term goals by just setting and tracking the most important milestones. It’s great if you don’t have a lot of weekly appointments and to-do’s and will rather concentrate on structuring your daily life better and achieving your long-term goals.
  • Perfect for those who enjoy making vision boards, life maps and bullet journals.
  • It is a great gift idea because of the packaging.
  • Beautiful stickers for individualising your planner
  • It is undated so that you can start using it at any time of the year.


  • The planner is really busy. There are a lot of lists that are not necessary and suitable for everyone. 
  • The to-do list boxes are small. There is only enough room for one or two to do’s in each category. 
  •  If you have a big handwriting and are mainly looking for a daily planner to make notes and schedule appointments, this planner could be the wrong choice. In this case, should rather take one of the first described planners or take a look at the PRO version of this one.
  • It is a great idea just not functional enough for the working professional or entrepreneur.

Clever Fox offers not only the Weekly & Monthly Planner but also a Daily Planner, Weekly & Monthly Planner Pro, a Budget Planner and a Dotted Journal.

If you prefer to use multiple planners for different tasks, then you should take a look at all their products.

Here are the differences:

  • Weekly & Monthly Planner Undated
    Great for goal-oriented people who do not have too many hourly appointments. With this planner, you will define and breakdown your short and long-term goals, bring more positive habits into your life and improve your work-life balance.

  • Daily Planner Undated:
    Great for people with busy daily schedules and lots of hourly appointments throughout the day. Stay focused, organised and improve time management with this goal-oriented planner that will increase your productivity and help you crush your goals.

  • Weekly & Monthly PRO Planner:
    This is literally your paper life-couch. The Pro planner will help you create a vision for your life, define and breakdown your short and long-term goals in each area and incorporate these goals into your monthly, weekly and daily agendas.

  • Budget Planner:
    This tool will help you keep your money organised, spend wisely and start saving. With this budget planner, you will manage all your personal finances, savings, budgets, debt, payments, bills, cash flow and expense tracking – in 1 place.

  • Dotted Journal:
    Great for taking notes, observations, journaling, sketching and brainstorming ideas.


  1. Clever Fox offers Special Offers and Product Promotions if you purchase more than one product of this series.
  2. Clever Fox goal setting planner is guaranteed to work, or they’ll give you your money back no questions asked! So, why not giving a try. You can’t lose anything.


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This planner differentiates to the others in the fact that it is based on historical leading productivity principles and supported goals research that is proven to increase productivity. It takes advantage of the combination of the Pomodoro Technique and the “Most Important First” method (the Ivy Lee method), empowering you to focus your mental energy on the most meaningful tasks ahead. That way, you can take advantage of every moment of every day, get the most out of it and achieve your goals.

Based on these time tracking methods, this Productivity Planner is designed to get you to accomplish greater results in lesser amounts of time. The technique will help you to rate your productivity at the end of each task and become more self-aware and effective day by day. The goal-oriented system helps to enforce productive habits.

To understand the method and apply it correctly, this planner comes with an in-depth explanation walking you through the process of how to use this method to get more efficient and productive. 

The Productivity Planner is structured with everything you need to be successful:

  • Six Months of Planning
  • 7-Day Daily Pages
  • Weekly Planning & Weekly Review
  • Prioritised Task List
  • Pomodoro Time Tracking – if you are not familiar, this means you work in 25 minutes increments, take a 5-minute break and resume. It keeps you focused.
  • Extra Space for Notes


  • The planner is designed based on proven techniques and methods.
  • Due to the explanation of the research behind the design and the method itself, you’ll learn how to work more productive, and you can directly practice it by using the planner afterwards.
  • Everything is non-dated, so you do not waste any pages.
  • It contains meaningful quotes that motivate you to stay focused.
  • The planner also offers alternative methods of using it without necessarily applying the Pomodoro Technique, which makes it useful for those it may not apply to.
  • It comes in a simple and modern design.
  • You don’t need much time to fill it out. 
  • It is an excellent tool for a task-oriented career. It is geared towards managing time on a task and trying to improve that over months. 
  • This planner may help those who have trouble staying on task by limiting you to get the essential goals accomplished first.


  • The timeframe: This planner is designed for 6 months of use instead of a year.
  • There is just a little space to take notes because the planner is more for planning more significant. It is not a planner for taking detailed notes or sketching.
  • If you’re looking for something to manage your to-do lists or plan your months at a glance, you might decide for another planner.


If you do not love the Productivity Planner, return it, and Intelligent Change will give you a full refund. Therefore, the planner is guaranteed to work, or you will get your money back! You can’t go wrong with it. Just try it out!


These were my 5+ productivity planners, which help you to work more efficiently and effectively, to improve your habits and to establish routines to achieve your personal goals.

Let me know in the comment section which planner do you like most or what your secret is to be more productive in your doing. I would be happy to hear from you. 🙂

5+ Productivity Planner – All Planners at a Glance:

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