How do they do that? These great people who always are lucky, well organised and have everything under control, do everything in time and still seem so relaxed? I took a look behind the scenes and “decrypted” the secrets of high-achieving & successful people.

Success is defined differently by each person. Everyone has to make clear to themselves what success means to them and what personally helps them to achieve it.

Countless personalities are successful in different ways. And from each of these personalities, we can learn something.

Nevertheless, these successful people share some common secrets:

High-achieving and well-organised people are successful because they live by certain rules that make it possible to achieve their goals. They leave nothing to change. They have developed a mental strength and a success mindset. They often pursue very clear goals and align their lives with them. The secret methods of these people are real principles of life for them. Principles that are a matter of course for them and part of their daily routine.

But now let’s take a closer look at these secrets.


The 13 Secrets

1. Goals & Plans.

You can’t achieve anything that you don’t intend to do. Set goals and don’t let them go off even if there are obstacles on your way. The thing you have to be clear about is that once you set goals, you also get more problems and challenges in your life. But only then you’ll become clear how valuable your goals are to you. 

Successful people have already achieved so much. But they never are satisfied and always keep setting new goals that they want to reach. They motivate themselves every day and work consistently to achieve these goals. They are implementers.

Note: We all work within a mental box, that becomes larger with each goal that is achieved. Your goal should be to enlarge the box until the end of your life.

When it comes to implementing the goals, well-organised people rarely leave anything to chance. Instead, they are more concerned with achieving their goal and building everything else around it. Hardly anyone can remember all the daily side tasks that have to be done. So, you need a good planner and a few clear thoughts in advance. These thoughts can easily be written down in a calendar or a to-do list.

My Tip:  It is best to prioritise the tasks directly and mark them accordingly on the list. This way, you immediately know what you should focus on. The list should be realistic; it shouldn’t be too much on it. Otherwise, you will be frustrated when you haven’t done anything.

2. Time Management.

Well organised people simply manage their time and their tasks extremely efficiently. To do so, they use smart time management systems, such as the to-do list, ask themselves what their real goals are and how to get there, and use technical tools like apps, to assist them in implementing everything. In addition, they exchange money for time when they can, so that they can concentrate on their business.

My Tip:

Enter your appointments in a calendar or use a daily planner to write down, prioritise and track your tasks. Meetings, arrangements, holidays and destinations that are not in the calendar do not take place, as experience shows! 

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3. Apps.

There are a huge number of great apps that help us with time management, planning, booking hotels and flights and “other things”. And especially well-organised people appreciate these tools. For example, they make it possible to reschedule, organise, update calendars and share information from anywhere. 

My Tip:  Focus on a few apps that support your productivity. Less is more!

4. Strong Will-Power and Ambition.

What all successful people have in common is their iron will to realise their plans. This ambition has already brought a lot of progress in the world. However, the attitude “I do my best every day” is questionable. What is missing here is ambition and challenge. Successful people have made careers because they are ambitious and work above average. 

Well-organised people always have their goals in mind and therefore have an incredible will to achieve them. Maybe because they want to snuggle up on the sofa with their children in the evening, or because they want to enjoy their partnership, or because they simply think it’s great to head out for a bottle of champagne in a beach bar. Precisely because they know what they want, they often manage to do it incredibly consistently. And smart organisation lovers make sure that they remain mindful and don’t ask too much of themselves.

My Tip: For a strong will-power, always keep your goals in mind, for example, by visualising them on a vision board. So you can see them every day and are more motivated to achieve them.

5. Discipline.

Implementers are focused and disciplined. But for real performance, you need both: body and mind. So, start doing sports regularly, read books, eat healthy food and stick to it. Only those who start to take care of their body and mind in a disciplined way will feel better, stronger and more motivated and thus will achieve more.


6. Clear Decisions.

Successful people make a lot of decisions, and this over and over again. They tell themselves: “This is how I’m going to do it.” They make quick and clear decisions. The decision is not necessarily the best one, but they stick to it. They simply tell themselves that it is better to make a decision at all and get ahead than to make no decision and stand still. In addition, they are very forward-looking when it comes to their future. They use their time mainly to better coordinate and prioritise the next tasks instead of procrastinating and thinking about which options are better. They think in a solution-oriented way and can, therefore, make decisions more quickly.

My Tip:  Decide quickly and think solution-oriented!

7. Everyday Learning.

Successful people learn every day and develop themselves further. Education and knowledge bring a decisive advantage when it comes to implementing projects, asserting oneself against others and making rapid progress. Problems can often be analysed and solved more quickly through extensive knowledge.

My Tip: 

Try to read a few pages in a book or scientific articles every day. Plan reading firmly into your everyday life and stick to it. The easiest way to do this is to use the Blinkist app, which summarises entire books into short articles, or Audible, which lets you hear audiobooks, so that you can do other things aside. (P.S. You can get a free 30-day Amazon Audible trial + 2 FREE audiobooks! Click here to sign up for FREE!

8. Learning from others Mistakes.

Learn from professionals, read success guides and success stories and consciously ask successful people about their mistakes and failures. In this way, you learn to think with the mind of successful people and can avoid the mistakes they made. In the beginning, you usually have no experience, but you can put your knowledge into practice with the help of the experiences of others from books, courses and seminars.

My Tip:  Invest in (online) courses, seminars and biographies and learn from the professionals. Avoid mistakes and implement your plans faster. Invest money to gain time.

9. Maintain your Network.

A good network is an essential component of your success. That also includes examining your environment. Be radical – ban people who have a negative influence on you. What remains are people who support you in your projects. In addition, active networking always brings new acquaintances, which will help you to achieve your goal faster.

10. Fixed Place.

With successful people, everything has a fixed place. They know exactly where they put the key, their sports bag or the last book. They don’t waste time looking for something. That gives them a lot of time and helps them to keep track. And by the way: it saves not only time, but also nerves.

My Tip:  Try to make your daily routine more conscious and implement more systems – Fixed places, times and procedures simplify many things.

11. Reducing to the Essentials.

What do you really need? Steve Jobs or even Mark Zuckerberg, for example, have decided to minimise the selection of their clothing. They didn’t want to stand in front of the wardrobe every morning wondering what they might wear today. For Jobs and Zuckerberg, this was a real waste of time and energy. So, make room in your life, free yourself and concentrate on the essential things.

My Tip:
Muck out. You don’t have to throw away everything. But start, for example, by decluttering your wardrobe. Clothes that have been hanging around unworn for over a year are waiting for a grateful donation. 
Organise your home and keep it tidy. That allows you to think clearly and freely and doesn’t take away your time every day by having to tidy up again.

12. Be Happy.

Incredible but true. This little trick makes a huge difference.

It sounds rather simple at first, but it’s not. Most of the time, even the smallest setbacks make our mood drop, and once it’s down, it is hard to change your mind to think positive again. So, the trick is not to give in at all. Keep your good mood!

Positive and happy people are almost always in a good mood and future-oriented despite stress, problems and bad-tempered colleagues! Because, if you are in a good mood, you don’t take problems that seriously and stay relaxed. As a result, you will make better decisions and recover better in your free time, or there is hardly any reason for you to have to recover. Good mood and a positive attitude towards life are also contagious and can be transferred to others. Polite, friendly people get much further in life because they can convince everyone around them.

My Tip: Concentrate on the good things. Smile even when things are not going so well and don’t let your workday spoil your good mood. And I’ll promise you that it will work.

13. Selling by Empathy.

To sell something is to convince someone of something. For this, dealing with people and empathy are very important. Many people find it challenging to think against their convictions – but thinking outside the box is very important for your success. Because that way you can make friends with people. Think about the social media – Here, people sold themselves successfully, although often there is just a little behind it.


We all have different wishes, dreams and life situations and master them every day. For some, it all seems so easy, and for others, it is difficult. But especially well-organised people try to achieve all these requirements in a very disciplined and stringent way. And sometimes they treat themselves to a well-deserved drink at the seaside!

Successful people have worked hard for this success and left nothing to chance. And so can you! Focus on your goal. That’s what you should base your daily routine on in order to continuously get closer to it.

Therefore: Create daily systems that supports you in your goal, build up habits and routines and stick to them. If you do so, you will see that success will come faster than you expect.

I hope my tips could give you an impulse on how to organise your life and thus achieve more. 

I am interested in your opinion on this topic. What are your secrets for more success?

Biographies of High-Achieving People:

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Losing My Virginity:How I Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way by Richard Branson  

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Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance

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