When working on a project or trying to achieve your goals, you need one thing: Motivation. But how do you motivate yourself? With your daily goal reminder: Your own Vision Board!

A vision board is an essential tool is to keep your goals in mind. It is a collection of words and images that motivate you, help you to believe in yourself and conjure up a smile on your face. I´m a fan of it because we firmly believe in the power of visualisation. The clearer the image of your future in front of your inner eye, the better you see your way. And the more firmly you believe in it, it will manifest itself in the real world.

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What is a Vision Board?

The vision board is a magical tool, to visualise and manifest your wishes, dreams, desires and life visions. Your vision board is created by combining your dreams, goals and visions in a collage with the help of images, quotes, illustrations, photos and texts. 

It doesn´t matter whether the vision board is compiled digitally or analogously, for example by cutting out photos from magazines and glueing them on a board. It also is unimportant on which surface the collage is located. There are no limits to creativity when creating the vision board. You can create it according to your ideas; how your life should be shaped according to your ideas and visions. 


What a Vision Board is going to get you:

Achieving dreams and implementing projects is not easy. Let´s describe it as hectic, chaotic, exciting, nerve-wracking, inspiring and enriching – a true roller coaster of emotions. With the help of a vision board, you can give your personal and professional projects a direction.

A new project is almost always a challenge. For example, suppose you want to achieve a specific goal professionally, travel to a particular country, eat a healthy diet, do more sports, establish routines or writing a book. In order not to lose sight of these goals, to work motivated on maintaining a positive mindset and to stay on the right track, it is essential that we remember our goals – daily, weekly, monthly, annually. After getting up, before going to bed. Not just in your head, but visually tangible, at a certain place in your apartment. So that you don´t lose your dreams – for as they beautifully say: ”Out of sight out of mind.” That´s how it is with your goals.

The great thing about a vision board is that with that clear visualisation you subconsciously know what the next steps are, and you are already acting in accordance with your visions. As a result, doubts have much less power, and you draw people, moments and events into your life that will support you on your way. In addition, you will narrow down your options through a vision board and will not be overwhelmed by the many offers and opportunities that life holds in store. Because that way, you know what you want and what you don´t. So, you can take it easy.

How to get started:

It is very simple! You sit at your afternoon coffee and browse through a magazine, suddenly you see your absolute idol, a specific job description, a lifestyle picture or a holiday destination. Cut it out. Or you discover a word or phrase that speaks to you. Cut that out, too. So, you collect things that have something to do with your goal or your projects, or that encourage you. You can also use fabric remnants, natural materials, etc. There is no limitation. Of course, the images can also be selected from the internet.

Do you´ve already collected enough material? Then read on and give yourself a little creative break to craft your own vision board. 


How to design & create your Vision Board?

1. Get your Tools.

Get a pinboard or cardboard, as well as pins or glue. Besides that, you need pencils, paper and things like colourful decorative tapes and markers to give your vision board that extra touch. So, get your tools and start creating.

I have browsed the internet and found some beautiful things that you can use to create your board: 

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2. Define & Note your Goals, Dreams & Visions.

Allow yourself to dream big and write down all the goals that you want to visualise on your board. Everything is allowed, and no vision is too big! Become aware of whether your board shows your private beliefs, your mindset and values, or do you want to create one for your business goals? 

As soon as you become aware of which areas of life and goals you want to capture, you either have the option of creating multiple boards for different areas of life or a large vision board, which is divided into different areas. As mentioned above: There are no rules or limits! Design tyour board according to your imagination – just like your life!

My Tip: Write down your dreams for all areas of life. There are no limits to personal and professional growth.

Dream Big

Take a piece of paper and write down your goals and visions. The important thing is that you don´t set any limits here. That means, be brave and write down everything that makes your heart beat faster. Don´t be irritated by the voice that tells you it´s impossible or you´ll never make it. The bigger, the better!

The 10 Aras of Life

To become clearer about your goals, I recommend you to divide your goals into these 10 areas of life: Creativity | money & finance | love, partnership & sexuality | professional fulfilment | spatial environment, place of residence | leisure, adventure & vacation | fitness & health | spirituality | social commitment | family & friendship


In addition to dividing your goals and visions into your areas of life, it makes sense to assign them to a period of time. I recommend that you set goals that you want to manifest for the next year, 3 years, 5 year, 10 years and 30 years. 

3. Give your Goals & Visions a picture: Searching Images & Creating Graphics.

Now it´s time to get creative. Seek old magazines together, search for images, quotes, texts, phrases, photos and illustrations that represent your dreams and cut them out. You can also search for pictures and graphics on the internet, beautify them by adding words or numbers with, for example, the help of canva.com and print them out. Here you can use everything that comes to your mind that reflects your goals and visions visually. 

Also search for meaningful words, affirmations or quotes that encourage you. Keywords that help you to pursue your goals and dreams and not to deviate from the path.

My Tips:

Analog or Digital 

Even if we only start with the physical design of the vision board in the next step, you have to decide at this point whether you want to create this board in digital or analogue form.

Creative Source 

In addition to magazines, Pinterest is an excellent way of getting inspiration and finding suitable pictures that you can print out.


If you have all pictures together, then best arrange them according to the areas of life, so that you can give your composition a form. Then you already have a structure, and the creation of your board will be easier for you.

4. Design Your Vision Board.

After you´ve visualised your goals with pictures, illustrations and phrases and structured them into thematic areas, you can now start to bring your ideas to life and to design your board. Whether you create your vision board digitally and print it our afterwards or if you design it directly with scissors and paper, is up to you.

Analog Vision Board 

There are no limits to your creativity when designing your vision board. The goal is to arrange your visual goals and visions as a collage on an underground that you like, for example, a poster, wooden board, pinboard, refrigerator door, etc. The individual areas of life help you to structure your images on your underground.

Vision Board_Mood Board_Analog Board with Square Pictures
Vision Board_Mood Board_Analog Board with Fashion Pictures
Vision Board_Mood Board_Analog Board with Photos and Leaves
Vision Board_Mood Board_Two Boards on a Wall

Digital Vision Board 

If you´ve chosen the digital vision board, you´re almost done. Arrange your visual goals and visions according to the areas of life in a collage. Just as it´s right for you. The digital vision board is very suitable as a screen or mobile phone background.
Vision Board_Mood Board_Digital Board_white_turquois
Vision Board_Mood Board_Digital Board with Areas of Life
Vision Board_Mood Board_Digital Board_Pinterest Board_Idea

I realised that an analogue vision board has more power than a vision board that is stored in a folder on your computer. That is because you can hold the vision board in your hands or see it on your wall, you look at it more often, and it becomes more tangible.


5. Find the perfect Place for your Vision Board - Hang it up prominently.

Once you´ve created your vision board, it still needs a place. It should be standing or hanging where you see it every day so that you have your goals and visions in mind. In that way, they are getting more and more anchored in your subconscious. You can look at it several times a day, figure out what the whole effort is worth for and you´ll see, magical things are going to happen. Every time you walk past your board, thank you in your thoughts for making your vision and your visualised dreams come true. 

If you travel a lot, you should create a digital version. Either as a graphic that you use as a desktop background or as a Pinterest or Trello board. The important thing is that you make it your daily routine to look at it.

My Tip: Stick it in your notebook, productivity planner, bullet journal, diary or gratitude diary, then you have it with you every day, and your wishes, dreams and goals stay close to you.

6. Update your Vision Board.

Update your vision board at least once a year. There are always new things you want to bring into your life that need to be experienced or achieved. 

I hope you enjoy creating, visualising and manifesting your vision board. Open yourself to the abundance of possibilities the universe has to offer.

Feel free to tell me in the comments if I could inspire you to create “Your daily goal reminder: Your own Vision Board” or what experience you´ve had with vision boards.

For more vision board inspiration, you are welcome to take a look at my Pinterest board: Vision Board Ideas.

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Vision Board Ideas_three different vision boards

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