In 2020, we will be spoilt for choice when it comes to maxi dresses: whether airy, long-sleeved, off-shoulder or elegant – the selection of beautiful dresses is enormous and offers something for every taste. But how do you know what’s hip at the moment, what suits you best or which accessories you should choose to create the perfect look?

To give you an overview and to show you your possibilities, I created the following list for you. I’ll show you different styles and give you tips for the perfect styling.

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Beach Maxi Dress

Because of its airiness, the maxi dress is ideal as a beach outfit. The motto is: the lighter the dress, the cooler the breeze. For this look, you don’t need much frills. The bikini underneath and the sand between your toes are enough for the absolute feel-good factor.
Girl in withe Beach Maxi Dress with cut-outs
Girl in a white beach dress with flounces
Girl in a white Beach Maxi Dress with spaghetti straps
Girl in an airy white beach maxi dress

Bandeau Maxi Dress

A bandeau dress has no sleeves – it starts just above the chest. It can be very casual, but also look noble, which makes it perfect to wear as an evening dress. Combine the casual bandeau maxi dress with sandals or plateau heels and round off the look with a casual handbag. For the evening dress variation, you should rather choose high heels or pumps and set some accents with elegant jewellery.
Maxi dresses_Girl in white off-shoulder maxi dress with cut-outs
Maxi Dresses_girl in a width orange off-shoulder dress

Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress

As the name already says, with an off-shoulder maxi dress the shoulders are free and not covered by straps. If you prefer a-symmetry, you should choose a dress that only releases one shoulder and has straps on the other side.  In contrast to the bandeau dress, the off-shoulder dress has a little more sex appeal, because the décolleté can be shown off more beautiful. Combine the dress in a soft colour with a large sun hat and your favourite sunglasses, and you will find the right balance between sexy vamp and summer girl.
Maxi Dresses_Girl in a white off-shoulder beach dress
Girl in a rose off-shoulder maxi dress and big hat

Noble Maxi Dress

Long dresses do not only work as casual outfits. They are also ideal for festive occasions or as party dresses. Classic colours such as black or beige are of course particularly classy. For a more exciting look, however, maxi dresses with a metallic look are particularly suitable. Combine your floor-length dress with high heels or flat closed shoes and a discreet clutch.

girl in an elegant golden wrap dress

Back-Free Maxi Dress

A backless cut is perfect for those who like it elegant and a little more closed, but who cannot afford to miss the special touch.  In combination with spaghetti- or neck-straps, your look will be airy, light and yet extravagant. Combine flat sandals and a small handbag with your maxi dress; that’s all you need.
Girl in a back-free width yellow maxi dress
girl in a back-free yellow dress with white dots

Back-Free Maxi Dress with V-Neck

A V-neck provides deeper insights and should, therefore, be combined more discreetly. A little jewellery, sandals and a casual bag are just the things for it.
Girl in a white maxi dress with long sleeves and buttons_button-through dress

Maxi Dress with Slit

Just as sexy as a beautiful décolleté or free back is a dress with a slit that shows a lot of leg. However, in order not to show too much, you should make sure that your maxi dress is a bit more discreet around the top. It looks especially nice if you wear this attractive dress barefoot on the beach or with roman sandals, which emphasize your leg with their lacing.
Girl in a neck-holder maxi dress with animal print
Girl in a white beach dress with slit and flounces

Long-Sleeved Maxi Dress

The long sleeve dress is perfect for windy or cloudy days. If necessary, you can additionally throw on a loose cardigan. Slippers, sneakers or other closed low shoes go best with this outfit.
Girl in a rose maxi dress with pink and red flower print and long sleeves
Girl in front of the eiffel tower in a rose maxi dress with floral print

2-Piece Maxi Dress

If you like it a little more unusual and like to stand out, a 2-piece maxi dress is just the right model for you – and for the next party. You can choose jewellery and shoes according to your taste. Tip: The more, the braver; the less, the nobler.
Girl in a two pieces yellow maxi dress with off-shoulders


I’ve already introduced you to a few cool combinations. In this part, you will surely find exactly the right thing for every occasion.

The Casual Way

Do you need a casual day-to-day outfit, a cool look for your best friend’s birthday party or the summer party in the office? Then a casual maxi dress is perfect for you. Combine a colourful maxi dress with a casual denim jacket. Round off the outfit with sneakers, boots or sandals and a casual shoulder bag and ready is the perfect everyday look!
Girl in a light blue summer dress with white dots
Girl in a red maxi dress with white dots and jeans jacket
Laughing girl in a white maxi dress and boots
Girl in a floral pink maxi dress with biker shorts

Classy & Elegant

Wow! These outfits are a real eye-catcher and totally elegant. Invest in a noble maxi dress – that’s half the battle. You don’t have to combine much more. Choose discreet jewellery, high heels and a matching, small clutch – et voilà.
Couple on red scooter with the girl in a blue maxi dress
Maxi Dresses_girl in a dress with exeptional feder pattern_turquois and pink
girl in a beautiful golden maxi dress with slit

Try it more Extravagant

You are in the mood for something new and want to stand out from the crowd? Then dare this great look: Combine a wide cut maxi dress with a long sweater, coat or a flashy blazer. The belt around the waist ensures that your outfit does not look bulky. Add a cool hat and a casual bag, and you’re guaranteed to draw all eyes to you!
Girl in a white blue chiffon Maxi dress
girl in a dark red maxi dress on a balcony


Correctly combined maxi dresses can quickly look city-compatible and elegant. I prefer to wear regular sneakers with my maxi dresses. I like this break very much because you can wear more chic models during the day without looking too overdressed. If you like it a bit more elegant, you can combine the dresses with sandals or high heels. The latter have the clear advantage that they stretch the silhouette, which can often be very useful when wearing these dresses.

When it gets fresh, I like to combine a leather or denim jacket with it, whichever fits better to the dress. With jackets or coats that are too wide or very long, you have to pay special attention to the proportions, because you can quickly look shapeless. If you want to be on the safe side, choose a shorter jacket.

Also, the handbag should not be too big, because Maxi dress with Maxi bag quickly looks too “Maxi”. Better choose a standard bag size or leave it out completely.


Lighter and more open dresses – larger pocket.
Closed dresses of heavier or much fabric – smaller to no bag.

If you want to know more about maxi dress styles and combinations, then continue with this article:


Maxi dresses really suit everyone, no matter what size, no matter what body type – whether tall or small, narrow or a little wider. The long fabric flatters the figure and stretches visually. However, a few small tips should still be taken into account:

Small breasts:

A small breast can be concealed by clever details on the décolleté, such as frills or embroidery. In this way, the breast area appears “padded”. Bright colours and shiny patterns achieve the same effect.

Feminine curves:

If you have curves or want to conceal a few problem areas, flowing fabrics are just the thing for you. With additional embellishments, you can distract attention from a fuller but and stronger thighs.

Wide shoulders:

If you have wide shoulders and rather narrow hips, halterneck dresses are ideal for you as they make the shoulders look smaller. Flowing fabrics are also suitable here, as they make the figure look more feminine overall.

Little women:

Choose a simple dress with a V-neck or button placket, which gives a visual stretch to the body. You can also wear high-heeled sandals, which have the same effect.

Let me know which look do you like most?

For more inspiration, you are welcome to take a look at my Pinterest board: Maxi Dresses.

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