Today’s topic not really is a trend anymore, rather an unbeatable must-have in your wardrobe – Maxi dresses. Like midi dresses, I never really liked to wear maxi dresses a lot. They are so long that with my small size, I always had the feeling of disappearing into them.  I don´t know what changed my point of view, but this year it´s kind of different – now I love these dresses; perhaps because there now is a much wider choice of different styles.  Recently I feel so incredibly comfortable in midi and maxi dresses that for me they are now an undefeated must-have in my wardrobe.

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More sometimes is more – the Maxi Dress!

Maxi dresses are my new passion, and they also shouldn´t be missing in your wardrobe! They are a must-have that scream for more! Especially because maxi dresses are not a trend for a season – you can always wear them. On holiday I prefer playful models, for the city it can be a bit fancier and chicer. Another advantage of these dresses is that you can also wear them when it is a little cooler. In combination with a leather or jeans jacket, staying outside in cooler temperatures is no problem anymore; and because of its length, your legs won´t get cold as quickly as with shorter dresses.

In the following sections, you´ll find out which trends are hip this season and how to best combine the floor-length dresses.

These are the Maxi Dress Trends 2020

Especially in the warmer months, you can see maxi dresses in abundance. The offer is simply overwhelming. But maxi is not equal to maxi. There are many different trends and ways to combine the dress. I´ll show you what´s hip this season and what accessories you should choose.

1. Maxi Dress Trend: Bright Colours

I love black dresses but had to admit that colourful dresses are more likely to spread summer vibes and good feelings than the stylish black ones. A black dress is beautiful, but this season´s motto is: The more colour, the better the look.

Maxi Dresses_girl in a bright pink wrap dress with long sleeves

Maxi Dresses_girl in a bright yellow dress with spaghetti straps and flounces
Maxi Dresses_girl in a colourful red and yellow dress
Bright colours make you want even more summer, sun and refreshing drinks. To your colourful dress, you should choose a simple bag or no bag at all. Avoid eye-catching accessories – your bright dress is statement enough.

2. Trend: Maxi Dress with Exceptional Patterns

Not only the colour is important, but also the pattern of your dress. The motto: the more extraordinary, the more modern! 

Woman in a black dress with white dots and log sleeves_dress with exceptional pattern
Maxi Dresses_girl in a dress with exeptional feder pattern_turquois and pink
Maxi Dresses_girl in an olive green and yellow
Maxi Dresses_girl in rose maxi dress with pink flower print

Crazy zigzag, funny dots or fancy animal print bring variety into your wardrobe and are a real eye-catcher. This maxi dress trend is matched by plain bags, sunglasses, monochrome shoes and as little jewellery as possible. Let the pattern speak for itself!

3. Trend: Paris Chic Maxi Dress

Elegant and romantic describes the Parisian style maxi dresses the best.
Maxi Dresses_girl in a Paris chic Dress with floral pattern and long sleeves
Girl in a parisian style black maxi dress with pink flower print
Maxi Dresses_girl in a Paris Chic Dress with long sleeves and floral print_rose

Girl in a Parisian Style Maxi dress with long sleeves with black and pink flowers

For a night out or an important business meeting, the Parisian style is the way to go. A closed maxi dress with long sleeves gives you a professional look. The floral prints soften your appearance and provide you with the elegance to persuade everyone from your classiness. Combine your dress with high-heeled sandals and a simple bag. 

4. Trend: Boho Maxi Dress

Of course, the vintage style must not be missing. Boho dresses suit the summer like refreshing drinks on hot days.

Maxi Dresses_Girl in a long white dress_Boho Dress with buttons
Maxi Dresses_Girl in a Boho Dress in turquois and orange
Maxi Dresses_Girl in a white Boho Dress

The boho look is still going strong and not only very popular at festivals, but also on the beach, at a garden party or while strolling around the city. A particularly cool detail: laces on the dress. Lace sandals, bast handbags and hip sunglasses complete the look.

5. Trend: Maxi Dress with Flounces

The volant trend is holding its own and is also up to date in the 2020 season and will it still be in 2021.
Maxi Dresses_girl in a Maxi Dress with flounces and floral print_orange and rose
Girl in a rose Beach Dress with Flounces
girl in width maxi dress with flounces_rose
Girl in a Maxi Dress with Flounces_cream_beige
Girl in light blue slim dress with flounces

 A maxi dress with ruffles looks very feminine and playful, especially in pastel shades and with a flower print. If you want to soften this look, you should go for darker or muted colours such as grey and blue, or simple patterns. Combine your summer dress with sandals, filigree jewellery and beautiful statement sunglasses.

6. Maxi Dress Trend: Floral Print

Flowers for life! They are and will remain an annual summer hit! The playful details give you a romantic and fresh look.

Maxi Dresses_Girl in a Floral Dress_yellow_rose flowers
girl in width floral maxi dress in turquois and white
Girl in white dress with pink flowers and spaghetti straps

Flowers as far as the eye can see! Whether discreet or gaudy is up to you – Flower prints spread a good mood and look even more enchanting. Combine your dress with flat sandals for a comfortable daily look or high heel sandals for a warm summer evening in your favourite bar.  Adding a filigree chain and a small handbag will round off your perfect summer look!

7. Trend Alarm! A Pleated Maxi Dress in Chiffon

Chiffon is a popular fabric in the warm months. It is light and airy – perfect for the summer.
Girl in a White Chiffon Maxi Dress with blue flowers
Girl at the beach in a White Chiffon Maxi Dress
Maxi Dresses_girl in a clear white Chiffon Dress
Girl in Red Chiffon Maxi Dress in Turkey

Chiffon hugs the skin comfortably and is currently absolutely in vogue – espadrilles, handbag and jewellery complete the look.

Tip: Grab bright colours like red! That makes the playful chiffon look cooler. If you pick pastel colours, then your outfits look more playful.


8. Trend: Wrapped Maxi Dress

The last trend is: Wrapped maxi dresses. The first that comes in your mind when hearing ‘wrap’ might be clothes for older women. But you should quickly take a look at the latest summer fashion because wrap dresses are highly represented there. 

Girl in a Wrap Dress in green with white dots
Maxi Dresses_girl in a dark blue wrap dress with white dots
Maxi Dresses_girl in a blue off-shoulder wrap dress
Combine shoes and a bag according to the occasion for which you wear the dress. Hats and large chains are also ideal for enhancing a simple wrap dress. You don’t need much more to get the eyes on you.


Correctly combined maxi dresses can quickly look city-compatible and elegant. I prefer to wear regular sneakers with my maxi dresses. I like this break very much because you can wear more chic models during the day without looking too overdressed. If you like it a bit more elegant, you can combine the dresses with sandals or high heels. The latter have the clear advantage that they stretch the silhouette, which can often be very useful when wearing these dresses.

When it gets fresh, I like to combine a leather or denim jacket with it, whichever fits better to the dress. With jackets or coats that are too wide or very long, you have to pay special attention to the proportions, because you can quickly look shapeless. If you want to be on the safe side, choose a shorter jacket.

Also, the handbag should not be too big, because Maxi dress with Maxi bag quickly looks too “Maxi”. Better choose a standard bag size or leave it out completely.


Lighter and more open dresses – larger pocket.
Closed dresses of heavier or much fabric – smaller to no bag.

If you want to know more about maxi dress styles and combinations, then continue with this article:


Maxi dresses really suit everyone, no matter what size, no matter what body type – whether tall or small, narrow or a little wider. The long fabric flatters the figure and stretches visually. However, a few small tips should still be taken into account:

Small breasts:

A small breast can be concealed by clever details on the décolleté, such as frills or embroidery. In this way, the breast area appears “padded”. Bright colours and shiny patterns achieve the same effect.

Feminine curves:

If you have curves or want to conceal a few problem areas, flowing fabrics are just the thing for you. With additional embellishments, you can distract attention from a fuller but and stronger thighs.

Wide shoulders:

If you have wide shoulders and rather narrow hips, halterneck dresses are ideal for you as they make the shoulders look smaller. Flowing fabrics are also suitable here, as they make the figure look more feminine overall.

Little women:

Choose a simple dress with a V-neck or button placket, which gives a visual stretch to the body. You can also wear high-heeled sandals, which have the same effect.

Let me know which trend do you like most?

For more inspiration, you are welcome to follow my Pinterest board: Maxi Dresses.

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