Do you also have a girlfriend who cares about fitness and health, who never misses a sports class and only treats herself to something sweet now and then? I can imagine that it is not so easy to find perfect gift ideas for fitness and health lovers.

To help you find them, I’ve put together a list of gift ideas, and I’m sure you’ll find something suitable for your friend.
Have fun browsing.

1. Yoga Mat.

No matter how many yoga mats your girlfriend already has, an extra mat always works. As different sports are practised on mats of different strengths, it is always better to have several mats at home.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_Rose-blue yoga mat with transport bag

2. Yoga Blocks.

If your girlfriend has just started yoga or should try yoga as a new sport, then give her some yoga blocks as a present. She can then use them very well for her first yoga sessions.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_Yoga Blocks and Belt

3. Jump Rope.

Rope skipping is the ultimate cardio sport – you improve your condition incredibly and burn a lot of calories at the same time. A skipping rope is small and can be taken everywhere. So your friend can practice where ever she wants.

Gift Guide for Healthy and Fitness Lover_Speed Rope black

4. Fitness Bands.

Elastic fitness bands are just as practical as a jump rope. They are also small and can be taken everywhere. They are usually sold in a nice bag which will enhance your gift visually and qualitatively.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_Resistance Glute Bands

5. Sport Set.

If you’re willing to spend a little more money, you can create your friend a whole fitness set straight away. So she is well equipped for all her travels or home workouts.

Here is what you could add:

6. Fitness Outfit.

Can anyone have enough fitness outfits? I don’t think so. As they not only have to be worn for sports but can also be combined stylishly and elegantly, fitness outfits are one of my all-time favourite gift ideas.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_Oceans Apart Set black and mash with leggins and crop top

7. Sport Bag.

A beautiful sports bag that can also be worn for other occasions is simply a must-have. If your girlfriend doesn’t have a perfect one yet, you should definitely get one for her.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_sport bag black and white

8. Backpack.

If she’s generally more the backpack type, I’d choose a backpack over a sports bag. Most backpacks are so modern that they also enhance any other outfit visually.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_Backpack grey with roll-top

9. Mini Towel.

Mini towels are simply super practical. Whether for sports or the next trip – they cannot be missing. Moreover, the small towels are also suitable for the small purse, which is why they are a gift where you pay little but get a lot.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_Travel Towel_small towel grey

10. Healthy DIY Snack Bars.

Something homemade is always the best. So why not try out some delicious energy bars. You can use exactly the ingredients that your friend likes and wrap the bars nicely for her. She can take them with her where ever she goes – to her sports classes for more energy or as a small snack in between. She will certainly be pleased.

Jessica from Desserts with Benefits created different no-bake protein bar recipes that you could also use for your gift. They are fudgy, perfectly sweet, refines sugar free, gluten free, vegan and all natural. So delicious! 

Gift Guide for Healthy and Fitness Lover_Homemade Protein Bars

11. DIY Crispbread Recipe.

Homemade crisp bread is also an excellent idea for a personal gift. It is quickly made, healthy and can be eaten as a snack on the go or as a light lunch. The Knekkebrød (Norwegian crisp bread) recipe from Nevade from the North Wild Kitchen contains lots of healthy ingredients, has an intense flavor of seeds and nuts and is just so delicious. You have to try it for your friend.

It’s best to give her the baking instructions in the gift along with the crisp bread itself. Then she can make it on her own whenever she wants to eat it again.

Gift Guide for Healthy and Fitness Lover_Homemade Crip Bread

12. Healthy Snack Package

If you don’t just want to give your friend a few small snacks as presents, why not pack a whole package of healthy snacks? There are no limits to your creativity. Either you get her a wide variety of healthy snacks from sustainable brands that are not easy to find in the supermarket, or you try out homemade protein bars, healthy chips, crisp breads or nutty snacks. Get creative!

13. Cookbook.

A cookbook with healthy recipes is always a lovely gift idea. If you give one to your girlfriend, you can directly arrange a cooking evening together. So a simple gift can be turned into a nice girls evening.

If you don’t know which cookbook to get her, try Pamela Reif’s. It contains many creative recipes that are not only healthy but also very tasty.

14. Glass Jars for Lunch on the go.

Disposable jars are ideal as Meal-Prep containers for breakfast or lunch on the go. In addition to the glasses, you can also give away a cookbook with matching Meal-Prep recipes. Then your friend can try them out immediately.

Gift Guide for Healthy and Fitness Lover_Disposable Glass Jars

15. Smoothie Maker.

Smoothies are super tasty and healthy. They are great when there is no time in the morning or for a snack in between. Give your friend a smoothie maker so that she can make her own. The following one is great for making smoothies on the go. The bottle can be used for mixing and drinking at the same time.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_Smoothie Maker

16. Breakfast Bowls.

Beautiful tableware is always an excellent way to make someone happy.  Give your friend a Smoothie Bowl set that you can use for your next breakfast together.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_Table Ware_Smoothie Bowl Set blue and black

17. Tea Tumbler.

Tea tumblers are great for drinking enough water every day. The following bottle is not only super practical but also stylish. In winter the infuser can be used for tea and in summer for fruit. So the taste of the water can always be adjusted. What are you waiting for? Help your friend to stay optimally hydrated.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_Tea Tumbler in glass with wooden lid and grey bag

18. Action Day Invitation.

Give away an experience. There are many portals where you can choose the perfect action experience. You can decide whether you want to give your friend an experience that she has to do on her own or whether you prefer an activity for both of you. There are no limits to your creativity.

19. Invitation to a Healthy Breakfast.

You see each other far too rarely? Then invite your girlfriend to a healthy breakfast at your home or in a cute café. I’m sure she’ll love it.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_Flatlay of healthy Breakfast on wooden board

20. Habit Tracker.

Habit Trackers are a great way to implement new healthy habits and improve your health in the long term. Get your friend a Habit Tracker, so she can set herself challenges and measure her success.

The following Habit Tracker is not only very practical but also very handy and can be taken everywhere.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_Habit Tracker Book in natural material

21. Goal Getter Planner.

Goal Getter Planners are also a great way of setting individual goals and implementing them in the long term.

Your friend can set her fitness and health goals and always has them in mind.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_Goal Setter Planner_The new you_ in pink and mint

22. Body Love by Kelly Leveque

If your friend is very interested in nutrition and fitness, why not getting her the book “Body Love” by Kelly Leveque? It is about how to adapt to your body needs and to free yourself from food dramas. Very interesting and educative.

Gift Guide for Health and Fitness Lover_Book_Body Love by Kelly Leveque

These were my favourite gift ideas for fitness and health lovers. I hope that you could find the perfect gift for your fitness loving friend.

Leave me a comment on how you like the ideas or what you would like to add.

If you are missing more gifts for your loved ones, I have also the following gift guides for you. Feel free to stop by.

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