Finding the right gift never is easy. But finding the perfectly unique gifts for your boyfriend is a completely different challenge. I don’t want to give something impersonal as a gift, nor do I want to buy something expensive by force to show how much he is worth to me.

That’s why I only give presents where I know he likes them or presents with a meaning of which we both have something at best. Gifts, as is well known, are always best when you can share them. I also like to give away vouchers for activities or plan complete day trips or weekends. That way, you take time for each other and experience moments together that you can remember for a long time. Activities are also very flexible gift ideas – you can give away shared moments every year, and you only have to adapt them slightly.



Also, activity vouchers are very flexible gift ideas. You can give away shared moments every year and only need to adjust them slightly each time – you change the location for the weekend trip, the restaurant for the candlelight dinner or the activities. It can also become a beautiful tradition, which you look forward to long in advance.

So that you don’t have to search constantly for good ideas in the future, I have compiled a list of my all-time favourite perfectly unique gifts you can get your guy this year.

Have fun looking through them. 

1. Musical Visit.

A visit to a musical is an excellent opportunity to get dressed up and experience something special.

In a stressful everyday life, culture is usually a little missed out. Why not take such a gift as a reason to experience culture live.

Many different musicals are heart-warming, funny, romantic or simply beautiful. A visit to a musical can also be combined with a romantic dinner and the corresponding weekend trip.

I can promise you: your boyfriend will certainly not expect such a gift.

My Tip: Lion King or Les Miserables are the most beautiful musicals for me. They are suitable for both men and women and are totally captivating and heartrending.

Gifts for boyfriend_Musical Lion King

2. Weekend Trip.

Plan a weekend trip for you and your boyfriend. Pick a city or an other destination, possible activities and the best restaurants and surprise your friend with a planned weekend.

Most of the time, you don’t take the time, or the timing is just never right for a weekend for two. A thoroughly planned trip leaves you no choice and gives you the time off you might have wanted for so long.

As a haptic gift, you can write down the trip as a schedule and attach it to the invitation. But don’t write down all the details of your plan. That increases the tension.
Alternatively, you can pack a package with little hints. This way, your boyfriend has to guess his gift.

Gifts for boyfriend_Weekend Trip_Loving Couple on Balcony in Paris with view on the Eiffel tower

3. Dinner in the Dark.

Instead of giving away a voucher for dinner in a regular restaurant, choose an exceptional experience. An exciting and different possibility is to visit a dark restaurant.

In such a restaurant, you sit in a completely dark room and are served by blind people. In this way, you can put yourself in the shoes of a blind person and experience what it is like to be dependent on your taste and your small instead of your visual sight. You will see that it is not so easy to taste all the components on your plates. It is also a perfect opportunity to get to know your partner even better and to have a more in-depth conversation. Because mobile phones are strictly forbidden. 😉

Dark restaurants are not yet everywhere. But in the bigger cities, you can find them in most cases — an excellent opportunity to combine a whole weekend trip with your gift.

My Tip: Reserve a table in the restaurant on time. As there are not so many dark restaurants, they are often booked out well in advance.

4. Date Day.

Your first date was a little longer ago, and restaurant visits are already commonplace rather than exceptional? Then why not give away a date day for which you take your time and where the focus is on the shared experience.

Plan an entire day for you and your boyfriend and give him only the invitation for that day. That’s all he needs to know for now. This way, you increase the anticipation for him and you.

Here is my example for a perfect date day:

  1. Breakfast: Plan breakfast in a cute little café with lots of small sweet and savoury dishes.

  2. Activity 1: Borrow bicycles and explore the city by bike. This is fun even in cities where you know your way around. Because you have usually never explored them by bike and you can find corners you have never been to before.

  3. Lunch Time: Find a fancy restaurant and try things you have never tried before.

  4. Activity 2: After lunch, you are ready for the next activity. Pick out something action-packed. For example, go to an escape room and solve an exciting puzzle together, visit an interactive museum where you can make your own chocolate or go geocaching – a treasure hunt in the city. There are countless apps for this, which work in almost every city.
    Another possibility is to visit a funfair. Maybe you are lucky, and it is precisely the right time for that. Try out all the tasty food and compete against each other in competitions. It’s fun!
    The third option is to visit a market hall or market. There you can taste many small snacks and try out new things.

  5. Time for Ice Cream: For a little refreshment in between, look for the sweetest and most traditional ice cream parlour you can find and taste through the whole range of products.
    You can also take your ice-cream with you to the nearest park or a pond and relax and enjoy the afternoon.

  6. Dinner: Find a restaurant for dinner where you have never been before. Try something new and make dinner something special.
    If you want to make the evening completely different, see if there is a relaxed concert or a big city festival you can go to. There will be plenty of food, but you will also have an eventful evening.

  7. Party Time:
    If you still haven’t had enough, then go party together and dance until dawn.

    How the evening ends is entirely up to you. 🙂
Gifts for boyfriend_Date Day_Couple kissing on carousel at funfair

5. Action Day.

Give away an experience. There are many portals where you can choose the perfect action experience. You can decide whether you want to give your friend an experience that he has to do on his own or whether you prefer a joint activity.
Alternatively, you can look for group offers to spend an action-packed day with your friends.

6. Food Tour.

Give your friend a food tour in a specific city. This is the perfect gift for someone who likes to spend time in cafés and restaurants, loves food and wants to try something new.

This is how you go about it:

  1. Use Google Maps to find fancy restaurants, small cafés and snack bars. You can also find inspiration on Instagram or in blog posts, where you find insider tips from others.
  2. Compile a list of the best spots and combine them in a day tour. You might even find some lovely parks where you can relax or do some activities in between.

A food tour allows you to try many new things and to try the best restaurants in town. When my boyfriend and I did a food tour through Vienna, we tested 15 different spots on one day – typical dishes, international snacks and sweet treats.

Here is a part of our tour as an example:

  1. Breakfast in a sweet café
  2. Traditional dumplings
  3. Viennese Schnitzel
  4. The best ice cream in town
  5. Typical boiled beef
  6. Japanese Ramen
  7. Curry sausage
  8. Sacher cake
  9. and more…

My Tip: Always take small dishes and share the portions so that you can try more things.

Gifts for boyfriend_Two cones with ice cream in form of a flower with macaron on top

7. Culinary Gift Set & Home Picnic

Of course, you can also move the food tour indoors if you would rather give away a cosy evening for two. Give your boyfriend a culinary set of various delicatessen items and plan a cooking evening together or a picnic in the living room. Even such small activities can bring a change to your regular daily routine.

8. Crosley UO Exclusive - Bluetooth Turntable "Cruiser" in Wood Optic

If your friend is an absolute music-loving guy, then this Bluetooth record player is the perfect gift. Grab this great present and add a few records from your local record shop!

Gifts for boyfriend_Crosley wooden Bluetooth Player

9. Do it yourself - Homemade Gin, Rum or Whisky Infusion Kit

If your friend loves whiskey or other spirits and can identify different tastes, give him a tasting experience for at home. There are different boxes where your friend can refine the spirits with different ingredients and prepare them himself. After about a day you can taste your own creations.
In the following, I found three different boxes for you: Whiskey Tasting Box, DIY Gin or Rum.

Gifts for boyfriend_Rum Tasting Kit
Gifts for boyfriend_Gin Tasting Kit
Gifts for boyfriend_Whiskey Tasting Kit

10. Couple Game – Pillow Talk

Give away a couple game. This is always fun, and you will definitely get closer.

Gifts for boyfriend_Couple Cart Game - Pillow Talk

11. Modern Watch

Does your friend care a lot about his appearance and also likes to dress up. Then this watch is the perfect gift. It is simple, stylish, modern and enhances every outfit visually.

Gifts for boyfriend_Modern black wooden watch for men

12. Bag Pack & Laptop Bag

Do you like to travel a lot together? Then give your friend a multifunctional backpack as a present. This stylish backpack with roll-top can be used as a daypack or as well as a business backpack.

Gifts for boyfriend_Black Backpack with roll-top

13. Pizza Stone

Do you like pizza? Then give your boyfriend a pizza stone with a recipe book. This will help you to make a pizza at home just as well as at an Italian restaurant. Your boyfriend can prove to you that he too can be convincing in the kitchen.
It is also a great way to invite your friends to have a pizza evening together.

Gifts for boyfriend_Pizza Stone Set

These were my all-time favourite gifts for my boyfriend, which I can use and customise again and again. I hope that you could also find the perfect gifts for your boyfriend.

Leave me a comment on how you like the ideas or what you would like to add.

If you are missing more gifts for your loved ones, I have also the following gift guides for you. Feel free to stop by.

For more gift inspiration, visit my Pinterest Board: Gift Ideas.

If you have Pinterest, you are welcome to visit my site or pin this picture to find the post faster! 🙂

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