34 functional & stylish clothes racks

Clothes racks are the new wardrobes. They are not only practical, space-saving and flexible, but also stylish. Furthermore, they give you a direct overview of your things and are often cheaper than entire wardrobes.

They can be integrated into the room in many different ways, and with additional shelves and storage options, they form a modular and open wardrobe. Those who prefer it more minimalistic can also use them as a modern coat rack in the entry hall.

I´ve found 34 functional & stylish clothes racks for you, which will not only help you to organise your things but will also visually enhance your home. Check them out.




Billie Clothing Rack

34 Functional & Stylish Clothes Racks_z-Frame_Wood and black Metal

This garment rack is a stylish way to add extra storage space in your bedroom or entry hall. Its z-shape gives it a modern and minimalistic look. The wheels provide the needed flexibility to move it around as you want and the top rod sufficient space to hang any long clothes like coats and dresses.

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Tennison Rustic Z-Frame Wardrobe with Shelves

Clothing Rack_Double z-Frame_Wood and black Metal

This durable Rustic Z-Frame Wardrobe with shelves has a sleek look that makes it the focal point of your space. The clothes rack bar on the bottom provides extra storage space, and the additional shelving gives you the option of accessorising with your favourite books or bags. So functional and just so fabulous. 

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Rustic Z-Frame Double Bar Garment Rack

34 functional & stylish clothes racks_z-Frame_Wood and black Metal_movable
Can’t you handle that overflowing closet of yours? That will change now! This durable Rustic Z-Frame Double Bar Garment Rack has a sleek and industrial look that will make it more than just a place for your favourite leather jackets – it can become a focal point of any room. Furthermore, with its double garment bar and the additional shelve, it provides extra storage.


Bronson Hanging Wardrobe

Clothing Rack_metal and wood_two shelves

This coat stand is characterised by a unique design that offers enough space to easily store and hang up clothes such as coats, blouses, skirts and much more. It has two sturdy shelves where you can store your storage boxes or your collection of shoes and scarves.  With its simple design, this metal clothes rack is an excellent addition to any room in your home.

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IRIS USA - Metal Garment Rack with Multiple Wood Shelves

Clothing Rack_Metal Garment Rack with Multiple Wood Shelves
This modern metal clothing rack with wooden shelves provides a convenient closet solution for small spaces. The four additional shelves on the side plus the bottom shelf provide an abundance of storage. The angled frame keeps the clothes from hitting the wall and provides a sturdy base so that the rack will not fall over.

IRIS USA – Metal Garment Rack with Single Wood Shelf

Clothing Rack_Metal Garment Rack with single Wood Shelf
Do you want it elegant and minimalist? No problem! – This garment rack gives you room to stow your clothes wherever you need it most! This piece features a single hanging rod and a lower shelf, so you can easily organise everything from shoes to shirts. It’s crafted from wood and features a streamlined, angled silhouette which is perfect for keeping your clothes from hitting the wall and adding a modern, minimalist feel to your space.

Whitmor Slat Wood Garment Rack

Clothing Rack_Movable Metal Garment Rack with Shoe Shelf
This free-standing rolling clothing organiser is ideal in the entry hall, guest room, or anywhere you need a little extra storage. Hang your clothes on the rail to save you from the trouble of folding and ironing and use the bottom shelf for your shoes or bags. This rack of oil-bronze metal and refined pinewood transforms any space into a pop-up-closet.

Seville Classics 5-Tier Freestanding Metal Garment Rack

Clothing Rack_Freestanding Metal Garment Rack with Multiple Wood Shelves
Whether you’re short on closet space or don’t have one at all, this garment rack is just the thing to help you keep your remaining clothing corralled. It is crafted from metal and wood and delivers an on-trend mixed material look and streamlined silhouette – perfect for a modern feel. And thanks to its single closet rod and four shelves, it’s great for keeping everything from sweaters to shoes organised.


Finnhomy Bamboo Clothes Rack

Clothing Rack_Bamboo Clothes Rack

Organise your living space with this modern bamboo clothing rack. This free-standing coat rack is made of high quality, natural bamboo. It is robust and eco-friendly. The bamboo is strengthened with steel in some parts so that the rack can hold more clothes. Hang your most important pieces to keep them wrinkle-free and store the rest on the two bottom shelves.

Find it here. >>

Homfa Bamboo Clothing Rack

Clothing Rack_Bamboo Clothing Rack with Multiple Shelves
No closet? I’ve got you covered – this garment rack is a space-conscious option that lets you get organised whenever closet space is scarce. It’s crafted from solid wood and features a closet rod and two shelves on the bottom, so you can easily hang up shirts and pants while tucking away sweaters and shoes at the same time. Plus, there is a top-shelf, that provides space for hats and accessories, as well as two cylindrical hooks for belts or bags.

COPREE Bamboo Garment Rack

Clothing Rack_Bamboo Garment Rack with two Wood Shelves
Is your home running out of room to store your abundance of clothes and accessories? No worries. I’ve got a storage solution for you! With its rod, the top-shelf and the 2-level storage shelves on the bottom this clothing rack is just multifunctional. With all its functions, the rack provides different storage areas to organise your things in the best possible way.

Homde Bamboo Clothing Rack

Clothing Rack_Asymmetric Bamboo Garment Rack with Shelves
This garment rack made of 100% natural bamboo is eco-friendly and provides plenty of storage space. This asymmetric rack is perfect as a portable wardrobe. It is multifunctional: It features a top rod, hocks, a ladder rack and three-tier storage shelves.

Peterborough Teepee Coat Rack

Wooden Clothing Rack_Teepee Coat Rack_dark brown
Save time and set up this minimalist Teepee Coat Rack. Its solid wood construction allows it to stand up to even the heaviest of Winter coats. The lower shelf provides ample room to bring all of your design ideas to life. Its appearance will resonate with any wooden or antique furnishings.


JEFEE Minimalist Garment Rack

Clothing Rack_Minimalist Garment Rack_black_gold
The minimalist, cantilevered construction of this garment rack seemingly defies gravity while keeping your clothes within easy reach. Try it as temporary storage for clothing, towels or accessories in any room of your home, or pop it up near the entrance at your next dinner party to use it as a temporary coat check for guests. This design’s slim frame is made of powder-coated iron and suits any aesthetic with its simple, unobtrusive design. It comes in the colours white, black and marble texture.

Vala Floor Mirror

Clothing Rack_Mirror Clothing Rack
Vala is a new, modern take on the classic clothing valet that combines a full-length mirror, integrated clothing rack and built-in accessory tray, giving you easy access to everything you need when getting dressed. Place this clothing rack in a corner to create your personal dressing area or use it to divide an open concept area, either way, Vala helps to make the most of your living space no matter how small it is.

YAMAZAKI Coat Hanger

Clothing Rack_Modern minimalist Coat Hanger
This coat hanger saves closet and storage space. The slim design is ideal for placing it in an entryway or just about any other corner of the house. The coat hanger that is made of metal steel has a modern design and is available in black and white to match your home decor. It is light so that you can lean it against any possible wall – you don’t even need screws.

YAMAZAKI Home – Leaning Ladder Rack

34 functional & stylish clothes racks_Minimalist Leaning Ladder Rack

This leaning ladder from Yamazaki is a great decorative, functional piece that will bring a modern look to any room. The ladder provides creative storage and hanging for your everyday items.
It is functional for those short on space – it is perfect for storing towels in the bathroom, scarves or bags in the living room or blankets in the bedroom.
This steel ladder is designed to be leaned against the wall. Easy to assemble and lightweight, it is easy to move around. The rubber stoppers on each edge prevent the ladder from slipping and will not scratch the wall or floor.

JEFEE Minimalist Garment Rack

Clothing Rack_Minimalist Garment Rack_black metal
This minimalist clothing rack wins in style while keeping your clothes looking fresh. It is simple and fashionable but provides the needed space to store your clothes. It perfectly fits in any room of the home or can be used as a temporary coat check for guests.

Leaned Garment Floor Rack

Clothing Rack_Minimalist Garment Floor Rack_black metal_with Shoe Shelf

Organise your closet with this Leaned Garment Floor Rack. The piece offers a minimalistic design for elegant sophistication and is perfect for storing scarves, purses, clothes, and shoes in every room of your home.

Find it here. >>

Bevill Rolling Garment Rack

34 functional & stylish clothes racks_Rolling Garment Rack_silver metal
Cramped closet? Bring extra storage space to your master suite without breaking the bank with this garment rack. Made of steel and smooth chrome finish this piece has three open shelves, a clothes rail and four side hooks on which you can hang scarves, bags, belts and the like. This garment rack is the perfect addition to any closet, bedroom or retail store. The sturdy design can hold your winter coats, suits, and everything in between.


YOUDENOVA – 2-in-1 Clothing Rack

34 functional & stylish clothes racks_Simple two in one Clothing Rack_Minimalist_black metal_wood
If you are looking for an open closet rack to organise your everyday outfits, this ingle-rod clothing rack is perfect for you. The 2-in-1 storage solution and hanging rod clothes rack focuses on every single detail to optimise your home experience. This static garment rack has stoppers on both ends of the hanging rod to prevent the hangers from falling. On the bottom, there is one shelf to arrange your favourite shoes, handbags, boxes or more accessories.

YOUDENOVA – Triangle Clothing Rack

34 functional & stylish clothes racks_Minimalist Triangle Clothing Rack_black
This free-standing metal garment rack is a perfect add-on to a modern room. Its triangle shape and the two shelves provide stability. In addition, the 2-tier metal shelves, as well as the hocks, ensure enough space to place your clothes, accessories, bedding or shoes. If you love the minimalist style, then this is your rack.

Fleeman Garment Rack

34 functional & stylish clothes racks_Triangle Garment Rack_Eiffel Tower Style
If your clothes are piling on a chair, shoes scattered around the floor, and bags are without a real designated place, then this 3-in-1 clothes rack is worth a shot. Clothes rack, shoe organiser, and hanger – all in one. It’s not just a coat rack! Yes, you can hang your clothes, trousers, and shirts on the clothes rail to prevent any wrinkles and keep them at hand. But that’s not all! You can attach the two hooks included in the package for your bags and scarves to the top lattice, while you can also store your shoes and baskets on the bottom iron mesh shelf. Where to put it? This modernly designed coat rack brings a romantic touch to your bedroom, entrance, and even to your clothing store. Don’t worry about the floor being uneven; just use the adjustable feet to make it stable on smooth surfaces. Don’t wait any longer, highlight your clothes with this poetic design garment rack in the Eiffel tower design!

TomCare Garment Rack

Clothing Rack_Simple Garment Rack with two Shoe Shelves_black
Create a convenient storage solution in your home without having to sacrifice on the style that you love with this clothing rack. This stylish rack highlights your favourite items with adjustable shelves and hooks. The top rod provides space to hang your clothes, and the two extra shelves can be used to store your shoes, handbags, boxes or more accessories. Also, there are six side hooks for hanging hats, bags, scarves or umbrellas. Due to the production of high-quality metal, the frame is very stable and stainless.

Simple Trending Garment Rack

Clothing Rack_Simple Trending Movable Garment Rack
No closet? No problem! This garment rack is a great way to add a little extra organisation to your space. It features a single rod which is perfect for hanging shirts and dresses, while the shelf below offers some space to store shoes and accessories with ease. As a bonus, this rack features wheels that allow you to move it around easily.

SINGAYE – 3-in-1 Clothes Rack

34 functional & stylish clothes racks_Simple three in one Clothes Rack
The 3-in-1 Clothes Rack provides three storage solutions in 1 rack. It has a single rod for all your hanging things, a shelf for your shoes or storage boxes and a hook tree for accessories and bags. The white finish of the rack will blend with most room decors and enhance its charm. In addition, you can move it across the house on its wheels, which makes it extreme multifunctional.

Abhainn Garment and Accessories Rack

Clothing Rack_Multifunctional Garment and Accessories Rack

Compact, easy-to-assemble, and affordable, this clothing rack makes an ideal addition to any room or closet-less space. The clothing rack offers extra space for everything from seasonal wardrobes to shoes and accessories. Additional hooks can be positioned inside or outside the tray for even more storage flexibility.

Find it here. >>


Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

Clothing Rack_Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack_dark brown
This industrial coat hanger made of metal and wood saves your closet and storage space – Ideal for an entryway, living room, bedroom, or just about any corner of the house. Due to its wheels, the rolling rack is flexible and fits where you need it.

Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

34 functional & stylish clothes racks_Movable Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack_dark brown

Clothes rail and shelf in one: This coat rack integrates clothes rack and shoe shelf in one unit so that clothes and shoes are in one convenient spot for easy access and matching. You can also put some boxes on the bottom shelf to stow your scarves, socks, or accessories. 
Multi-purpose clothes rack: Not only can you use it in your home, but it’s also great for retail stores or other markets looking to display their clothes.

Find it here. >>

Real Home Innovations – Modern Industrial Style Garment Rack

34 functional & stylish clothes racks_Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack_modern industial Style_movable
Do you rather prefer the urban and industrial style? Then this rack is just for you. It provides versatile storage possibilities to organise your shoes, garments, bags and accessories. The bottom shelf with its two support tubes and a wood base provides extra stability. Through the wheels, it is movable but can also be fixed with two locks.

Hadleigh 2-Shelf Garment Rack

Clothing Rack_Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack_Two Shelf Garment Rack
Fancy the idea of retro feel for your home setting? The Wyatt Series offers a garment rack with retro aesthetics, which is perfect for rooms with small closets. The pipe-like poles with wooden shelves design give a modern appeal to your home while providing an easy closet solution. You can hang your clothes on the pipes or leave them folded on the shelves.

Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

Clothing Rack_Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack_metal_wall mounted
This wall-mounted rack is a perfect eye-catcher for your entry hall. With its industrial but elegant design, it is the centre of attention when guests are coming. Due to its high, it is perfect for long jackets, coats or handbags.

Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack with Shelves

Clothing Rack_Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack_golden_wall mounted_with Shelves

If the Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack has not enough storage for you, then you should go for the golden Industrial Rack with Shelves. 
This wall-mounted industrial-style clothing rack has the same specifications than the one above but boasts four practical storage shelves that are excellent for shoes and other small items. What are you waiting for? Give it a go and pimp your home.

Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack with Wooden Shelf

34 functional & stylish clothes racks_Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack_black_wall mounted_with Shelves
Is black your colour and edgy your style? Then you should choose this trending industrial pipe garment rack. It is wall-mounted and has a sturdy and resistant steel construction that provides versatility and quality. Time for a make-over? Then let’s go and start with your wardrobe right away.

These were my handpicked 34 functional & stylish clothes racks for you.

Let me know in the comments if you rather like regular wardrobes or clothing racks and if this article helped you to find the right one for you.

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34 functional & stylish clothes racks_Minimalist Clothing Rack
34 functional & stylish clothes racks_Industrial Clothing Rack

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