For me, minimalist, elegant and clean are the epitomes of a modern living style. And what goes best with minimalist? Exactly: black and white! I love clear structures, lots of space and bright rooms that cheer up and still look homely and cosy. That’s exactly your style too? Perfect! Because I’ve put together some black and white interior ideas for you to give you some inspiration for your home. You will also find a few selected decor items that are not expensive at all but will surely enhance your home’s look.

Interior styles in which black and white decoration is most frequently found:

Black and white interiors are mainly found in Scandinavian, minimalist, farmhouse and “Bali Home” style interiors. The minimalist style makes even the smallest flat look much bigger and transforms simple flats into elegant and stylishly furnished homes.

How to make the black and white style work for you at home:

Sometimes it doesn’t need much to get the most out of your home. The easiest way is to keep the basic furnishings white and add individual black accents with decorative items or highlight furniture pieces. When decorating, pay attention to different sizes, shapes and structures to make your, otherwise simply furnished, flat more exciting. The finer and more filigree your black decorative items are, the more elegant your flat will look in the end.

If you like, you can add extra highlights with a few statement colours or round off the clean black and white style with a few natural or grey tones to create even more cosiness. You’ll often find this in Scandinavian interiors, for example.

It’s best to just try it out by yourself to find out what you like best. To make it easier for you, you’ll find my inspirations and black and white interior ideas in the following. This time I was inspired by Instagram and took my favourite pictures from accounts that I really like. If you like a photo, take a look at the corresponding account. There is much more to discover there.

Have fun!

Black and White Interior Inspirations:


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How do you like these black and white interior ideas? Do you also feel like decorating your home in a minimalist and elegant way?

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