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Tag: Granola

Crispy Nut Granola_ granola in a fallen glas jar

Crispy Nut Granola with Cranberries

With just a few ingredients and a little love, you can conjure up a bowl full of happiness and enjoyment. Thanks to oats, nuts, puffed quinoa and fruity cranberries, you start your day healthy and energized.
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Coconut Granola_granola in a glas jar on a black baking tray

Healthy Coconut Granola with Chia

Holiday feeling at home: this is the exotic coconut granola. Thanks to delicious coconut flakes, sweet dates and aromatic vanilla, my next long-distance trip is already booked. 
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Sesame Quinoa Granola_ granola in a glas jar

Light Sesame Quinoa Granola

All the ingredients that transform your granola into a delicious nutty snack and provide you with energy for a long time are combined in this sesame quinoa granola. Feel powerful and recharged with this wholesome and crunchy recipe!
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Raspberry-Mango-Smoothie Bowl with Chia seeds

Raspberry Mango Smoothie Bowl with crunchy Quinoa Granola

Perfect for the start of a hot summer day, this smoothie bowl provides you with a large portion of frozen raspberries, mangoes, and coconut milk.
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DIY_3 crunchy granola ideas_Granola in Bowl topped with strawberries

DIY – 3 Crunchy Granola Ideas

Homemade is happiness: Self-made granola not only tastes better; it also is healthier and reduced in sugar than traditional crunchy muesli.
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